About us

About us

Who we are

A cooperation of several generations with experience in the Internet from its very beginning and with undeniable passion for creating inovative solutions that make our live simpler and more enjoyable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable you, the end-consumer, to find the service that matches best your search for quality and price and schedule an appointment directly online within one-go-access to the Web, 24/7.

Our Vision

Bookhint will provide a transparent overview of service providers and their offers and will compare them based on price, customer ratings and location. This will induce fare competition and will influence service providers to be more precise in their promise to consumers. On the other hand, this will help consumers make informed choices, have clear expectations and thus be in control of their time and investment

What we do

Bookhint empowers consumers in big and busy cities to search and compare key information about providers of personal and household services and enables them to schedule appointments directly online.



Visit our partner website https://partners.bookhint.com for information about our provider products.